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EastEnergyService and Rostovenergo increase the energy supply reliability

During the concluded contract for the technical re-equipment of Rostovenergo 35 kV power facilities with intelligent telemechanics devices execution, EastEnergyService will add to 86 substations the ability to collect, wireless transmit, consolidate and analyze the subscriber’s metering devices information.

As EastEnergyService General Director Denis Presnukhin said, Rosseti had never used these functions with 35 kV-class facilities. This intellectual functionality can also be supplemented to previously upgraded for this customer 214 objects of 10 kV-class with at a low cost.

This, LoRaWAN networks will be actually created around the updated substations and they can become such intelligent infrastructure management systems basis as:
  • smart control of outdoor lighting, reclosers, DTS, TS, boiler rooms, water intake units and wells;
  • electricity, water, heat, gas metering with local and remote control of computer-aided process control system of distributed objects;
  • security, access control monitoring systems of the facilities
  • power/heat/water/gas customers services.

EastEnergyService is Russian developer, manufacturer, integrator, and operator of innovative devices with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, united by information networks into effective urban infrastructure management SmartCity systems.

Since 2002, we create and integrate various devices, including radio modems, controllers, meters, sensors that can intercommunicate - collect, transmit, analyze and distribute data. These systems simplify urban infrastructure operating and effective decision making.