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EastEnergyService’s LoRaWAN network had covered 94% of the Moscow territory

EastEnergyService engineers ad launched  3 new LoRaWAN base stations of the EastEnergyService’s Moscow city LoRaWAN network. There are 200  base LoRaWAN stations now  installed in Moscow with 94% of city coverage. Communication services are provided by LLC “Smart City Operator”, 100% owned by EastEnergyService.

This network is the basis for the development of urban infrastructure management services and end-users IoT devices operating. This network is used now for the Moscow city lights smart control system, and energy and urban infrastructure control systems.

As EastEnergyService General Director Denis Presnukhin said, based on this LORaWAN network, the company will offer wild range of LoRaWAN technology based  end-user products and services soon, including gas-, water-,  power meters with automatic data sending to the client application and suppliers.

EastEnergyService is Russian developer, manufacturer, integrator, and operator of innovative devices with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, united by information networks into effective urban infrastructure management SmartCity systems.

Since 2002, we create and integrate various devices, including radio modems, controllers, meters, sensors that can intercommunicate - collect, transmit, analyze and distribute data. These systems simplify urban infrastructure operating and effective decision making.

LoRaWAN is a low-power, wide area networking protocol built on top of the LoRa radio modulation technique provided by Semtech company. It wirelessly connects devices to the internet and manages communication between end-node devices and network gateways